About Us

About Us

The vision of Yip’s Music Festival is to bring together fine young musicians and singers through musical performances of the highest quality in the tradition of classical music. Since its inception in 1994, this Festival has helped thousands of students enrich their lives through participation, education, and motivation, as well as build their self-confidence. Each year, the calibre and standard of Yip's Music Festival continue to rise; it is regarded as one of the foremost competitions in the York Region, Ontario. We hope this tradition will continue to inspire future generations of young musicians and singers to present their best in competition categories of Piano, Violin, Musical Theatre and Chamber Music.

Besides welcoming participants and audience members from diverse backgrounds, Yip's Music Festival has also enlisted numerous esteemed adjudicators over the years. Here is what some of them have said about this Festival:

“Yip’s Music Festival demands high standards from participants, but also creates the kind of encouraging experience that allows the kids to walk away enriched regardless of the outcome.”  - Erika Raum

“It was a great pleasure to adjudicate for the Yip's Festival and to hear and engage with exceptionally talented young musicians. Bravo to the Yip's Festival and to its exceptionally well organized and welcoming administration.” - Stephan Sylvestre

“All things were extremely well thought-out, from the certification process, the scheduling, the scholarships, all providing a stress-free experience for the adjudicator and a calm and supportive environment for the children...” - Allison Cecilia Arends


As Ontarians steadily continue on their journey of recovery and reopening, Yip's Music Festival 2022 will be held in a virtual environment, where participants will submit a video of their performance and receive adjudication and comments from our panel of adjudicators, as well as watch their adjudication videos with demonstration. Having gained a lot of experience in the 2021 YMF Virtual Competition, we are confident that 2022 will be another successful Festival for our young musicians and singers!