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YMF Testimonials

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation towards Ms. Katherine Kwok, the music teachers, the staff and the volunteers to make YMF happen this year. Thanks for your extraordinary efforts. I can tell that there are a lot of work and due diligence involved. YMF is by far the most organized and student-oriented music festival among the three that we’ve participated this year, especially with videos of adjudicators’ comments and the links to the performances of other participants. These are some outstanding features that are exclusively provided by YMF and rendered YMF being the best.  The mindset of going above and beyond is impressive.  YMF has set a good example for parents and students to strive for excellence and not to settle for mediocracy."

Cecilia Leung - Parent of Participant YMF 2021

"The Yips Music Festival was a pleasure to be involved in as an adjudicator as it was extremely well organized! This festival created an opportunity for music students to perform their pieces via video in order to have a goal to polish their pieces and to receive feedback. Perhaps more importantly, in our ever-changing world, remembering that music has the incredible power to make humans cry, laugh, sing, be passionate or melancholy and to express exactly who we are. Thank you to all of the organizers of YMF for allowing these vibrant young students to be heard and showcased! Bravo!"

Arianne Ewing-Chow - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2021

“The level of playing was extremely high, and the festival was run in a professional and warm manner. Congratulations to the performers, teachers, families, and supporters for the success of this meaningful artistic event!”

Shoshana Telner - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2019

“Congratulations to the Yip's Music Festival on another successful season. The administrative team and volunteers were supportive of both performers and adjudicators, keeping things moving smoothly throughout the festival. My thanks to all involved..”

Lisa Iwasaki - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2019

“The Yip's Festival is a unique event that serves community, students and teachers alike, and provides a rewarding and memorable experience to all its participants. It was a great pleasure to adjudicate for the Yip's Festival and to hear and engage with exceptionally talented young musicians. Bravo to the Yip's Festival and to its exceptionally well organized and welcoming administration.”

Stephan Sylvestre - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2018

“...Passion and excellence are found in abundance with careful attention paid to all details - the pianos are lovely, the organization just terrific...; many classes have co-adjudicators which means that students get two appraisals, the helpers and parents are supportive and the students are truly exceptional.”

Marion Miller - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2018

“...I had heard wonderful things about Yips Music Festival already from my colleagues, and I cannot speak highly enough of my own experiences. The organization was wonderfully organized, warm, and welcoming. All things were extremely well thought-out, from the certification process, the scheduling, the scholarships, all providing a stress-free experience for the adjudicator and a calm and supportive environment for the children...”

Allison Cecilia Arends - Voice & Musical Theatre Adjudicator, YMF 2018

"The YMF is one of the finest music festivals in Canada. Students will benefit from the opportunity to perform on a Steinway grand piano and receive commentary from two adjudicators. I was thoroughly impressed by the high standard of piano playing and it was a treat to hear so many wonderful performances.”

Alde Calongcagong - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2017

“...The standard of playing was high and candidates were receptive and eager to improve...”

Reginald Miller - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2016

Yips Music Festival was simply a joy. I found the organization to be caring and super organized. They were super efficient and had the competitor's best interests as their top priority at all times...It truly felt like a time of learning and growing, not just competition. I would highly recommend the Yips Team and their organization to parents, students and my fellow adjudicators. Thanks for a wonderful time Yips! It was a honour working with you! "

Marion Abbott - Musical Theatre Adjudicator, YMF 2016

“I was recently honoured to adjudicate the Yip's Music Festival’s first ever Vocal classes. The staff was very helpful and extremely well organized. The vocal students were well prepared and I was able to recommend a few to go to the Provincial level...”

Jill Diane Filion - Voice & Musical Theatre Adjudicator, YMF 2016

“...I was impressed by the standard of playing, but also by the professionalism exhibited by the organizers. Yip’s students are lucky to have people who dedicate their time to ensure students have a successful event, and gain invaluable experience.”

Jennifer Knelman - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2016

“I have always believed that competitive music festivals are an indispensable ingredient to a young performer’s development.... [Yip’s Music Festival] demands high standards from participants, but also creates the kind of encouraging experience that allows the kids to walk away enriched regardless of the outcome.”

Erika Raum - Violin Adjudicator, YMF 2016

"I have adjudicated at Yip’s Music Festival several times over past years. I always appreciate the high caliber of performances, as well as the respectful attitude of parents and students alike. The staff are well organized, and provide lots of support for all adjudicators involved. Thank you very much!"

Wendy Potter - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2015

“The Yip’s Music Festival is a wonderful example of strong community ethic combined with an evolved educational mission. I heard not only some very fine playing, but also the results of excellent teaching over many years. Bravo to the students and their teachers! Bravo to Yip’s Canada!”

Professor Thomas Plaunt - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2015

“It was an absolute pleasure to adjudicate senior piano at the Yip’s Music Festival 2015...The experience of performing for both their peers and adjudicators in such an environment will undoubtedly enhance the musical achievement of all who participate and it is an essential element of becoming not only a well rounded musician but more importantly a person with a a profound connection to the arts.”

Fiona Jane Wood - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2015

“The annual Yip’s Music Festival plays an important role in my children’s music journey. From choosing a song, practicing, and to the actual Festival, my children learn to be responsible, to do their best, and most importantly, to enjoy music...”

Roxanne Chan - Parent of Participant, YMF 2014

“Thank you for inviting me to adjudicate the 16th annual Yip’s Music Festival 2014. I appreciated the exemplary organization of the Festival, the fine work of the students, the patience and understanding of the parents and teachers...”

James Lawless - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2014